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Drilling Fluid Additives

are products that serve a specific need. KAREVA is known for high-quality, high performance, cost effectiveness additives that deliver consistent performance and the environmental acceptability demanded in today's marketplace for Water based and Oil based Fluid systems.

Product Function
Baryte 4.2 SG Weighting Agent
Baryte 4.1 SG (API Standard) Weighting Agent
Bentonite (API grade) Viscosifier
Bentonite (Wyoming) Viscosifier
Bentonite (OCMA) Viscosifier
Bentonite (Non-treated) Viscosifier
KAR-BENEX Bentonite Extender
KAR-CARB-20 Bridging Agent
KAR-CARB-40 Bridging Agent
KAR-CARB-60 Bridging Agent
KAR-CARB-45-125 Bridging Agent
KAR-CARB-35-250 Bridging Agent
Calcium Carbonate (F,M,C) Bridging Agent
Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) Weighting Agent
Caustic Soda pH Control
Citric Acid pH Control
CMC-EHV Viscosifier
CMC-HV Viscosifier
CMC-LV Filtration Control
Drilling Detergent Wetting Agent
Drillamyl WP (125 °C) Filtration Control
Drillamyl HT (140 °C) Filtration Control
Glycol-LC Inhibition
Glycol-MC Inhibition
Glycol-HC Inhibition
HEC Solid Filtration Control
Hematite Weighting Agent
KAPAC-HV PLUS Viscosifier
KAPAC-HV Viscosifier
KAPAC-LV Filtration Control
KAPAC-ULV Filtration Control (Ultra low viscosity)
KAR-MUL-P Primary Emulsifier
KAR-MUL-S Secondary Emulsifier
KAR-RM Rheology Modifier
KAR-TROL Bentonite Extender
KAR-8042 OBM Viscosifier and Gelling Agent
KAR-8043 OBM Viscosifier and Gelling Agent
Magnesium Oxide pH Control
(partially-hydrolyzed polyacrylamide
Inhibition, Filtration Control
Potassium Acetate Inhibition, Weighting Agent
Potassium Carbonate Inhibition, Weighting Agent
Potassium Chloride (KCL 96% & 99%) Inhibition, Weighting Agent
Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) pH Control
Potassium Nitrate Inhibition, Weighting Agent
Potassium Sulfate Inhibition, Weighting Agent
REMAPOL HT (140 °C) Filtration Control
REMAPOL WP (125 °C) Filtration Control
Soda Ash (dense & light) Alkalinity, pH Control
Sodium Bicarbonate Buffer, pH Control
Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Weighting Agent
Stabodrill HT (150 °C) Filtration Control
Xanthan Gum Clarified Filtration Control
(Bentonite free systems)
Xanthan Gum HV Viscosifier
Xanthan Gum DHV Viscosifier
XCD – Polymer Viscosifier
XC – Polymer Viscosifier