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Stimulation Additives

Stimulation fluids are pumped into a well to create conductive fractures and bypass near-wellbore damage in hydrocarbon-bearing zones. The net result is an expansion in the productive surface-area of the reservoir, compared to the non-fractured formation. A series of additives are selected to impart a predictable set of properties of the fluid, including viscosity, friction, formation compatibility and fluid-loss control.

Product Function
On Request Acid
On Request Biocide
On Request Breaker
On Request Buffer
On Request Clay Control
On Request Corrosion Inhibitor
On Request Crosslinker
On Request Diverting Agent
On Request Fluid Loss Additive
On Request Friction Reducer
On Request Gel Stabilizer
On Request Iron Content
On Request Lubricant
On Request Paraffin Inhibitor
On Request Scale Inhibitors
On Request Scavenger
On Request Packer Fluid Inhibitor